Tennis Lessons: 3 Types To Meet Different Budgets

If you are interested in learning a new sport, you may be considering getting tennis lessons. While this activity may be among the more expensive sports to learn in many cases, you can often control just how much you pay. Of course, each time you lower the price, you tend to reduce the one-on-one attention you can get from a coach, but it is usually worth it if you want to learn this sport while staying in your budget. Learn the most common options when it comes to tennis lessons.

If your budget is flexible, you should think about getting private tennis lessons with an experienced coach. This allows you to have the entire time devoted to teaching just you, which means the lesson is customized for you. If you have trouble with your swing, your coach will likely pick up on this quickly and spend extra time teaching you, and he will do the same with any other trouble spots of yours. This is why this is usually the most desirable option, especially if you plan to compete in this sport eventually, as this is the best fast track to getting good. Of course, you can expect to spend the most money on this option.

Another way to get quality tennis lessons is to get the semi-private kind. This means that you can go in on the price with a friend. The drawback, naturally, is that you only get half the usual time, so you cannot expect to progress like you would with private sessions. However, the benefits are that you can afford each lesson, and you also get to spend time learning with a friend. If you cannot get a friend to share the sessions with you, it may be possible to be matched with someone else looking for an affordable way to learn, but of course this may not be as fun as with someone you know.

The cheapest option is usually to get tennis lessons with a few other people at once. This may be called a group lesson, or even a clinic. It is taught a little differently from a regular session to ensure that everyone has a chance to practice and get some help from the coach, so be assured that you will not be sitting on the sidelines waiting for the instructor to approach you. Instead, you will probably be expected to practice with others while you await help from the coach, which gives you time to put into practice what you have learned.

Talk to your local coaches to find out the prices of each type of lesson. Once you determine what fits into your budget, make sure it will work for you. Some places offer a free lesson to make sure you are happy with the attention you get for your money. You may find that you have to spend a little more than expected to get the attention you want, but it should all be worth it once you notice how fast you are progressing.

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