Enjoy a Tennis Themed Bingo Game

Calling all bingo and tennis fans, we have a treat for you…

It doesn’t matter what sort of player you are, whether you’re a high roller or whether you’re the sort who likes to seek the best free spins no deposit deals. In this game you’ll be playing for fun, there will be no tangible prizes, just promises from friends (more on this later).

Combining tennis and bingo is a trick you’ve been missing! The way it works is that you download, or create bingo cards that are filled with different elements of a tennis game.

If you have the time, you could even make the effort to personalise the bingo tickets for the game in question. There could be a square for ‘Murray Frowns’, etc, just for fun!

The concept of creating bingo cards to accompany a sporting event or a TV program is nothing new. It’s a proven way of keeping things interesting and the bingo element will keep everyone’s focus during the match or show where they otherwise may have drifted off!

If you decide to offer prizes, we suggest you use your imagination – it could be fun to offer up a box of sweets for the winner or better still to offer a pledge, such as to do the washing up for those who are playing as a family or with flat mates. Again, be creative, any favour or task could be used!

If you’re looking for inspiration in order to create some bingo cards, there are numerous websites which can help you along the way.  We’ve taken an example of a tennis oriented bingo card from BingoBaker.com and pasted it below:

The website in question seems to offer bingo cards which fit a whole variety of different purposes. This site also boasts a great wealth of information which you can use to set up a great gaming evening.

If your friends think the idea of bingo is boring, they may be surprised with just how fun (and challenging) this game can be. This concept works so well because it requires constant attention and as the game progresses, the spaces get filled and the suspense grows – we defy anyone to not become excited as the game goes on. In fact, we defy them to not admit that they’ve had fun!

Different Ways to Play

In a game such as the one above, you can play for lines or a full house, or both. We suggest simply playing for a full house. This means that the player who crosses off all their boxes first, wins the game. In the event of no-one calling ‘house’ you can simply count who had the fewest remaining squares at the end of the match.

We hope you enjoy playing a tennis themed game just for fun bingo!

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